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The Association of Commercial Real Estate Managers, or ACREM, is a boutique organization located on the Peninsula comprised of commercial real estate professionals and associated business partners.  ACREM promotes fellowship, education and charity.  Our purpose also includes complimenting or providing an alternative membership to BOMA, IREM and other metro-based organizations situated in San Francisco or San Jose.  We pride ourselves on providing an intimate atmosphere for networking and friendship.  Our group was born out of necessity for those of us who cannot spare the time to attend monthly meetings in San Francisco or San Jose but want all of the benefits of an accredited real estate organization.  In 1989, a handful of property managers from San Mateo and Foster City filled that need by forming ACREM as a non-profit organization serving the Peninsula exclusively.  Some of those founding members are still involved to this day.

We are an alternative to the larger real estate organizations in that our group is relatively small in order to foster deeper partnerships.  We strive to provide quality information through informed luncheon speakers and topics which peak majority interest among our members and guests.  The goal of our monthly luncheon program, is to provide valuable information which can be utilized in your daily professional lives.  As a niche organization, ACREM pursues those topics and speakers which are applicable to our members i.e.:

  • San Mateo Chamber of Commerce

  • economic forecasts

  • state and local assembly members

  • Fire Department

  • vendor services

    • construction

    • tree care

    • stone/metal maintenance

    • security

    • janitorial

    • paving and roofing

In addition to our luncheons, we also host quarterly after hours mixers in order to promote further networking opportunities in a relaxed atmosphere.  Our mixer events are held at various locations on the Peninsula.  Our signature event is our Summer Celebration.  Highly-lauded it was created as an expression of thanks to our members for their continued commitment to our small, tightly-knit organization.   The Summer Celebration features food,. drink,. entertainment, raffle drawing and games.  We are certainly proud of its success and reputation which assists in attracting future potential members to ACREM.

Annual Membership

Annual individual and corporate memberships are offered for principle (property managers) and associates (vendors).

Annual individual membership dues are:

  • $150 for Principles

  • $200 for Associates

Annual corporate membership dues are:

  • $250 for Principles

  • $350 for Associates

Corporate memberships allow for up to five individuals to attend events and luncheons at member rates.  To register, please visit the ACREM Membership page.

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