ACREM Luncheon Sponsorship Opportunities!
ACREM Gives Back!
Each year at ACREM’s luncheon's and events we hold raffles sponsored by
vendors or property management companies to raise money for local charities.

If you would like to donate raffle prizes for an ACREM event:

(Acrem recommends raffle prizes range from $300- $400)


Please List Your Donation and email to

Name:                                    _______________________________________________________________________

Company:                               _______________________________________________________________________

Address:                                 _______________________________________________________________________

City, State & Zip:                      _______________________________________________________________________

Phone:  ___________________               Fax :  ___________________     Email:  _____________________________


Raffle Prize:                           _______________________________________________________________________

In Kind Donation:                 _______________________________________________________________________

Cash Donation:                     _______________________________________________________________________


Please List Your Donation and email to

  The Board would like to thank all of our event sponsors for the raffle prizes donated and the tickets purchased by our members and guests!

                                                                                Keep up the good work!

2019 ACREM Board of Directors



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